Rave Reviews for Expert Fraud Investigation


“Fraud is a constant evil that attacks businesses, consumers, and government. The financial and reputational impact of fraud can be devastating but education and awareness are key weapons in the war on this crime. With this new book, Tracy Coenen delivers an excellent primer on the many fraud schemes as well as practical investigative techniques to detect and prevent fraud.”

Martin T. Biegelman
Director of Financial Integrity, Microsoft Corporation

“The lack of effective fraud training by auditors made my job easier as the criminal CFO of Crazy Eddie. I was lucky, since Tracy Coenen was too young to be a forensic accountant back in my criminal days. Acclaimed forensic accountant Tracy Coenen’s fraud investigation book will cause many criminals to take early involuntary retirement or be forced out of business.”

Sam E. Antar

In Expert Fraud Investigation, Tracy Coenen does an excellent job of educating the reader on a wide variety of fraud schemes and providing a step-by-step process on how to conduct a fraud investigation. This is a must read for anyone who wants to learn more about the basics of how to prevent, detect and investigate fraud.

Cynthia Cooper
Whistleblower and Vice President of Internal Audit at WorldCom

“Through an examination of common types of frauds and discussion of ‘best practice’ methods to identify fraud, this book provides excellent practical guidance on how to conduct a fraud examination. Such guidance is a valuable resource to auditors and security professionals involved in fraud examinations. I highly recommend this book to auditors, security professionals, management and boards of directors who desire a practical, not theoretical, understanding of fraud examinations.”

Michael D. Akers, PhD, CFE, CPA
Professor and Chair, Department of Accounting, Marquette University
Charles T. Horngren Professor of Accounting

“Crime is inherently dramatic. And since fraud is a crime, writing about the subject of fraud should not be mundane nor monotonous but rather riveting, exciting and informative. Tracy Coenen, in her new book Expert Fraud Investigation: A Step by Step Guide, may be the first to actually capture why the topic of fraud is not only exciting but also informative, thought provoking and most importantly a subject that no one can afford to not thoroughly understand. In an environment of fraud on Wall Street and on Main Street, this book literally levels the playing field by equipping everyone who wants to avoid becoming a future fraud victim. In times like these, this is a must read.”

Barry Minkow
Co-Founder Fraud Discovery Institute

“This book should be required reading for anyone who is starting a  fraud examination career. Tracy doesn’t talk down to the reader, but lays out clear concise points that must be considered before starting a fraud investigation. This is where Tracy’s experience and knowledge about fraud shine through. She continuously establishes credibility with the seasoned fraud examiner by being subtle, yet informative, with her own opinion based on her years of practical experience. It is evident this book is not written by a college professor looking for tenure at a university. Instead, it is written by a seasoned professional with years of experience. I would strongly recommend it to the experienced fraud professional as well, as it contains information needed throughout one’s career.”

David Bleser
President, Bleser & Associates, LLC

“Ms. Coenen’s book should be on every accounting and financial manager’s bookshelf. When you suspect fraud, call an expert. But this book explains the who, what, where, and why of financial frauds and the techniques professionals like Ms. Coenen use to help you investigate and prosecute it.”

Francine McKenna
President, McKenna Partners LLC; Author of the blog, re: The Auditors